Julian B. is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Berlin. In our collaboration we reimagined Julian's trademark ceramic lucky charm in shiny pewter. Together, we seamlessly blended Julian's diverse artistic approach with Elva's focus on natural shapes. This collaboration is a testament to the creative synergy of two artists sharing their distinctive perspectives and skills

The pendant is limited to a number of five pieces 

At the bottom of the piece you can find an identifier, denoting that it is one of the 5 pieces, with the corresponding number inscribed

It is made out of pewter. Pewter is marginally darker than silver, does not tarnish, cannot rust and does not stain or deteriorate. The biggest difference between the two metals, apart from the slightly darker shade, is that pewter, unlike silver, is not a precious metal. However, it is ranked as the fourth most precious metal in the world, characterized by its relatively soft nature. Similar to silver or gold, the metal of the pendant becomes less shiny with regular wear.

You can buy the necklace separately on the website 

On Instagram you can find additional videos 

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