Each piece is handcrafted with love from scratch. Please allow up until 6 weeks for the whole process of your personalised piece to be dispatched

I charge an additional fee per order, depending on the complexity of the design for each commission!

Please keep in mind that these pieces require extra work and effort, as they are tailored to your exact wishes.

When you place a commission, we'll discuss the design details in advance. For (pearl) necklaces, we'll cover color scheme, shapes/types of pearls/beads, and desired length. For rings or earrings, we'll discuss your preferred size and design vision. After the initial design draft, I'll share a photo of the  pieces to discuss any changes.

Please transfer the 25 € to me before we begin the actual process. I will send you an invoice via E-Mail regarding this.

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Please make sure to add the following into your message, when reaching out:

What type of Jewellery do you have in mind? What do you envision when thinking about the piece?
e.g. small or chunky pearls, silver or pewter (please keep in mind that silver rings start at 100€), a mix of materials with glass-, gemstones and pearls etc...

Please describe in detail how you imagine the piece of jewellery to be. You can send me photos from the shop or my Instagram feed to give me an idea

Contact me either via the contact option on here, my E-Mail adress elva.blau@outlook.com or on Instagram @elva.blau

I am looking forward to creating something special together! :-)

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