The BOOT is made out of fine pewter, threaded on a 925 silver necklace. The necklace that comes with the BOOT varies depending on the once I have in stock - they will look similar to each other though. If you want to make sure, that you like the necklace that comes with the BOOT, just write me an E-Mail or a message on Instagram, so I can send you a picture of the ones available. They are 45 cm long.   

Fine pewter is marginally darker than silver, does not tarnish, cannot rust and does not stain or deteriorate. The biggest difference between the two metals, apart from the slightly darker shade, is that fine pewter, unlike silver, is not a precious metal, although it contains copper and silver. However, it is ranked as the fourth most precious metal in the world, characterized by its relatively soft nature. Similar to silver or gold, the metal of the ring becomes less shiny with regular wear.

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Please bear in mind that I still have to cast the boot, so it may take up to two weeks before it is dispatched

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