ELVA BLAU is a brand that values giving new life to once-loved pieces

Elva is a self-taught artisan, mastering the craft of silversmithing independently. Her brand, ELVA BLAU, thrives on her intuition, with the core of her work centered around experimenting with unconventional forms and materials. Designing with an intuitive and heartfelt approach, she pours her passion and love into each piece while independently managing all aspects of her brand.

The intrinsic diversity of nature plays a pivotal role in Elva's creative process. Her inspiration extends to the fluidity of water, forms that embody a liquid aesthetic, and objects with light-transmissive properties. In this pursuit, she places a significant emphasis on sustainable resources. She exclusively sources her pearls from second-hand sources and primarily works with silver and fine pewter.
The brand consciously avoids supporting large manufacturers or breeders - ensuring that the jewellery has a minimal impact on the environment. 
The silver used for casting and forging comes from small companies in Germany and is mostly recycled - Enhancing environmentally friendly practices. 
The commitment to sustainability extends beyond just using recycled materials; it also influences the entire production process.

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© Photo: Laura Spes
© Photo: Kornelia Konieczka